Almost in the center of Dnepropetrovsk, several minutes walking from the Central Universal Department Store, you can find a cozy space for comfortable rest at the bank of the Dnieper. As soon as you enter the PRIBOY recreation center the urban noise will disappear and you will be surrounded only by rustle of leaves and splash of waves of the Dnieper.

Twelve comfortable recreation apartments, cozy sauna with capacity up to six persons, spacious sauna with swimming pool and jet tub with capacity from twelve to fifteen persons, cozy arbors near water which create romantic atmosphere – everything is waiting for you at the PRIBOI recreation center.


Those who need to book a hotel in Dnepropetrovsk for one day, one hour or a few days will face as a perfect variant the hotel of our recreation center. Here you may not only place your luggage for the time of holding a meeting or negotiations but also have a comfortable rest after finishing it.

The careful and professional staff, Lux or Business Class apartments, the opportunity of relaxation at sauna located in the apartment itself or having a glass of bear with your partners or friends in a comfortable arbor – everything is possible at our hotel. You cannot find the cozier, quieter and more comfortable hotel in Dnepropetrovsk!

If you need to visit Dnepropetrovsk (as business trip or for your personal purpose) and you are looking for a good mini-hotel you will find lots of variants in Dnepropetrovsk. But only at the PRIBOI recreation center there is a homelike atmosphere because our hotel is not large and noisy and it has no unified services. Our hotel is a unique water complex where each guest may have an individual service and high attention to itself upon its own wish.


Not only the guests but also the city dwellers may use our hotel services. Not each hotel of Dnepropetrovsk offers the accommodation services for one or more hours but if you call at our hotel you may easily book a room even for an hour. Similar service is profitable for the company of friends or the couple of lovers because PRIBOI is not a simple hotel, it is a small water recreation center where each guest would have both soft bed and active or passive entertainments – sauna, jet tub, water runner hiring etc.

The couples book services of our mini hotel for their wedding night as well as the companies of friends for stag-party or hen-party. Also we service often the serious business men who prefer to hold business negotiations at sauna.


Of course the guest prefer to book the hotel of the PRIBOI recreation center hourly because we are almost the only high-comfort hotel in the city which offers similar services. The fact that all the offered apartments face at the Dnieper makes our hotel even more popular among the tourists and city dwellers.

According to the comfort level the PRIBOI recreation center has four stars. Dnepropetrovsk has few hotels with the same comfort. Taking into account additional services provided at each hotel room which make your relaxation the most effective, you cannot find best ever place in Dnepropetrovsk!

But taking into account high popularity of the hotel in summer and autumn we recommend to book the hotel in advance even if you need it only for a few hours. In such case you will probably know that the room you like most of all with the most preferable cost will be waiting only for you.


Peculiarity of the PRIBOI recreation center is that it offers accommodation services for any category of guests. Here you may book either a cheap high-comfort room or a room with maximum conveniences which is more expensive. Among 12 comfortable apartments there will be a perfect variant for any guest with any income level. So while finding the hotel (Dnepropetrovsk) pay the special attention on the hotel at the PRIBOI recreation center. Nowhere else you may combine work with relaxation or to have a real rest in Dnepropetrovsk with your friends and relatives!