Apartments EGYPTIAN, FLOWER - 80 UAH per hour - 320 UAH per night - 500 UAH per day
Apartment PRIBOI* -150 UAH per hour-1200 UAH per night - 1890 UAH per day
Apartments JAPANESE, CATHERINIAN, VENETIAN* - 90 UAH per hour - 360 UAH per night - 560 UAH per day
Apartments AQUA, MIRROR - 99 UAH per hour - 410 UAH per night - 610 UAH per day
Apartments MONACO, PALERMO, NAPOLI, SAN-REMO - 120 UAH per hour - 525 UAH per night - 780 UAH per day

For the time paid for the hotel room a small arbor is offered without payment

   * In using steam room at night rate additional cost makes up 100 UAH per hour;
     In using steam room at daily rate additional cost makes up 50 UAH per hour;
     Night rate is valid from 9.00 PM till 10.00 AM;

Sauna VENETIAN: From   6.00 AM  till 12.00 PM -90 UAH per hour
From 12.00 PM till 5.00 PM -120 UAH per hour
From 5.00 PM till 6.00 AM - 150 UAH per hour


Sauna PRIBOI: From   6.00 AM  till 12.00 PM -175 UAH per hour
From 12.00 PM till 5.00 PM - 285UAH per hour
From 5.00 PM till 6.00 AM -330 UAH per hour

Sauna discounts upon the discounting cards are valid only at full rate. Full rate is valid at the weekends and holidays. Discounts are offered only upon submitting the discounting card.

WAVE RUNNER HIRING: 125 UAH per 5 minutes, 150 UAH per 5 minutes.
Wave runner with Ringo (up to 3 persons): 150 UAH per 5 minutes
Wave runner with Boomerang: 150 UAH per 5 minutes

Towel: 12 UAH per piece
Sheet: 9 UAH per piece
Gown: 25 UAH per piece
Rubber slippers: free бесплатно
Single-use slippers: 10 UAH per 1 couple
Rubber single-use slippers: 30 UAH per 1 couple
Cost of sauna switches and essential oils: please consult to the administrator
    Room cost includes bed cloths and two towels

Minimal booking time makes up 1.5 hours.
Maximal human capacity:
- Apartments VENETIAN, JAPANESE and AQUA – up to 2 persons (two berths)
- Apartments FLOWER, EGYPTIAN, MIRROR, CATHERINIAN – up to 2 persons

- on booking the apartment over 3 days - 10% discount

- for the members of PRIBOI Yacht Club (on producing a pass) - 10% discount

- discounts for resting rooms are valid upon booking for more than 2 hours

If the client is absent without warning for more than 15 minutes the administrator has a right to sell the time booked without payment by phone.

The PRIBOI recreation center does not offer the escort service and calling for women of easy virtue for the client!